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Parts Washers
Our site provides;
A small sampling of the types of products that Green Power Chemical offers and includes our leap into a complete line of industrial supplies.

Including TRIANGLE ENGINEERING, HOME AND INDUSTRIAL FANS, material handling equipment, nuts and bolts, office supplies, all brands of parts washers, such as Better Engineering, Graymills, Hotsy, Kleer-Flo, Landa, Tasc Sonics just to name a few.

We also carry safety supplies and tools for any job.

If you don`t find what your looking for,
please contact us by phone, email us or fill out a request form.

We will find it for you at the very best price.

Aqueous Parts Washers friendly to the environment less costly than solvents
Please contact us for more info on our various washers and pricing.

Green Power Chemical safely washes
away oily greasy parts without endangering
our beautiful waterways
  • Part washers
  • Drum mount
  • Conveyorized jet spray
  • Turbo boost filtration
  • Water recycling
  • Hot water pressure
  • Cold water pressure
  • Automatic parts washers
  • Oily water separators
  • High pressure pumps
  • Aqueous parts cleaners
  • Solvent parts cleaners


TASC Sonics (pictured below) Parts and service introducing a new and better version

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Hot Pressure Steam Cleaner
Go anywhere hot and steamy cleaner
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Automatic wash and dry oily grimy parts within 5 to 10 minutes.
Free up workers to do real work.

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Front-Load Cleaning Systems

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Oil Separator
Separates oil from hot water based parts washers

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Passthrough Parts Washer
Conveyorized environment friendly Water based parts washer
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Plastic Washers
Heated economical water based parts washers with flow thru brush
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Wash Basket
Options and accessories for all types of parts washers
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